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Kuta Beach Bali - White Sands and Sunset View

Kuta Beach Bali is located to the south of the Island of the Gods, with views of the Indian ocean. Kuta is one of the leading tourist destinations that become the main holiday destination to the island of Bali.

Until now Kuta Beach Bali is still the main attraction of tourists. Especially young tourists who come from Australia, and Indonesian tourists.

Before the famous, this beach was once a traditional fishing village. (
History of Kuta Beach Bali
Before the famous, this beach was once a traditional fishing village. Now turns into a meeting place of people from various countries.

Kuta Beach was once a trading port. Many traders from outside Bali do trade transactions. In the 19th century, a Danish trader named Mads Lange established a trading spot on this beach.

Being clever in transactions, and trade negotiations, Mads Lange is well-known among Balinese kings.

Formerly this beach is the habitat of green turtles, and many people do not know it. Green turtles are almost extinct, and become one of the animals protected by the Indonesian government.

Green turtle breeding in Bali has now been moved to the beach of Tanjung Benoa Bali.
If you want to see the green turtle, you can visit the turtle island in Tanjung Benoa using glass bottom boat while feeding fish on the way to the turtle island in Tanjung Benoa.

Fascination As A Holiday Place
Kuta Beach Bali is the tourism center of Bali island. The beauty of Kuta beach Bali is known to many countries. If the beach Sanur Bali, more suitable to see the sunrise, then different from Kuta beach is more suitable to see the sunset.

The coastline of Kuta Bali is 5 kilometers away. The best beach line on the island of Bali. The beach is very safe for holidays, and the cleanliness of the beach is well-preserved. Therefore, although the stretch of the coastline is so long, but always filled with tourists.

Tourist Activities
Tourist activities during the holidays to this beach, mostly sunbathing by the beach, and swimming. Kuta Beach Bali has white sand with long, and big waves.

So it is perfect for surfing location. Many surfers from around the world choose Kuta beach Bali as the best surfing location in Bali.

For beginner surfers, do not worry about bringing surfboards. Along the coastline many rented surf boards at varying prices, depending on the size, and quality of the material.

If you want to learn to surf, you will be accompanied by experienced surf guides, and always ready to help you break the beach waves.

Kuta Bali beach location is very strategic to make this beach is never empty of visitors. If you walk along the beach to the north, then you will find Legian beach, and Seminyak beach.

If you depart from Ngurah Rai Airport, it only takes 15 minutes to reach Kuta beach Bali. But if there is congestion on the highway, then travel time about 30 minutes. To help you find the location of the beach, use Google Map.

Choice of Transportation
Access to the beach is straightforward to take a taxi or private vehicle. You can use a motorcycle or car. But if you take a bus, passengers must stop in Kuta central parking area. You must ride suttle to Kuta beach location of Bali.

Tourism Facility
Around the road to the beach, there are many hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, art markets, and tourist attractions. Near the beach, there are two shopping centers, namely Beachwalk Shopping Center, and Centro Discovery Shopping Mall.

By late afternoon tourists who stay around Kuta, usually a walk to the beach for just sunbathing, while enjoying the sunset. If the weather is sunny, the sun will set around 18:00.

After walking along the beach, local people are ready to offer massage services. Armed with a mat, kadar from coconut, mixed with salt. Many surfers become subscriptions of these massage services.

Small food, and beverage traders are also no less competitive with restaurants around the beach. Kuta is one place that provides a variety of foods that fall into the category of tourists favorite.

In addition to be a tourist, Kuta beach Bali is often used as a location shooting television series of young people in Indonesia. Local beach boys sometimes get involved. But the shooting is often disturbed because the beach is always crowded visitors.

Kuta Beach Bali has become a global magnet with white sand, and incredible sunset view.(*)

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