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How To Send Money At Western Union

How To Send Money At Western Union — Western Union is the most popular money transfer service between cities and between countries in the world. WU does not limit money transfers in only one country, but to various countries.
How To Send Money At Western Union
At present, many people make money sending and receiving transactions through WU because WU is more trusted, safe, and easy. Western Union is a money transfer service that has many advantages, such as the following.

Fast Money Transfer
WU guarantees customers to send money very quickly. It only takes seconds, then the recipient of the money you send can be taken directly.

Widespread Agent
Western Union agents are spread in more than 200 countries in the world. You can easily find a Western Union agent close to where you dwell.

Remittance Without an Account
Another advantage of using Western Union services are that you can send money without a bank account.

Send Money Safely
Although it does not require a bank account, Western Union money transfers can be guaranteed as safe and comfortable. Because WU has a strict security system for its customers.

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Low Cost
Transfer via WU is very cheap. You don't need to worry about the problem of transferring money to various countries. In addition, people who receive money are not charged a penny.

It Doesn't Need A Minimum Limit
Transferring money through Western Union services does not require a minimum amount of money. You can send whatever money you want.

In addition to the above products, you can also get several other services. Like sending news, delivering money to the address of the recipient, test questions that apply in several countries to prevent fraud, to service notifications or notifications to the recipient.

To send money through Western Union is not as difficult as you think. You will only fill in the form, after that you will be asked to give the money to be sent.

Complete Guide to Sending Money Through Western Union:
— Find the location of the Western Union closest to your location. You can find the location of Western Union through the Western Union website. Don't forget to bring IDs and money to be sent.

— After arriving at a Western Union agent, request a form of submission to Customer Service at the Western Union office.

— Fill in the form correctly. After that, provide the shipping form along with the money you want to send to the officer.

— Next, you will be asked to submit proof of identity card. The goal is to verify your remittance. — After the clerk checks the terms, you sign the proof of delivery.

— If it is finished. You will be given proof of delivery or what is called MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number). Through MTCN, you can track the status of money transfers online.

— Please provide the MTCN code to the recipient for withdrawal of money. What you need to tell about the sender's information to the recipient is: Name, address, number of sent, office branches, and others. For the security of transactions, do not give MTCN code to others.

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Complete Guide to Receiving Money through Western Union
— Make sure the recipient already has information from the sender regarding the MTCN code, name, address, and amount of money.

— Go to the destination Western Union office. Don't forget to bring your ID. — Ask the clerk that you want to receive money.

— The clerk will give the form to you. Please fill in correctly. In the MTCN code column, please fill in according to the code provided by the sender.

— Show the identity card that you have for the verification process.

— If it is correct and has been verified, then you can immediately take delivery money.

That's the article how to send money at Western Union. Sending money through Western union can be a safe, fast and attractive choice. And of course, the cost is affordable.

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