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Check Balance for Digi Malaysia UPDATE

How to check balance for Digi Malaysia is simple. You can check balance Digi prepaid via dial phone and MyDigi app!

Check Balance via MyDigi App

1. Take your phone
2. Open and download MyDigi app in the play store or app store

3. After download is complete, open MyDigi application

4. Sign up now to begin with a secure app Digi

5. Let’s get your account setup! Fill in your details to create a new login.
- Mobile number
- Your Full Name
- Email
- Pasword
6. Click sign up

7. Login Digi success

8. You can navigate the main sections. Manage your Digi account directly from the menu bar

9. On your Homescreen, you can pay and view your bill

10. Digi balance and credit validity will appear

11. If you are Digi prepaid user, you can reload and extend your credit validity

12. Scroll up and down to view all your account usage

13. If you need more add-ons, tap on buy internet

14. Done

Check Balance Digi via Dial Phone

1. Take your phone

2. Open and dial:
Digi Prepaid: Dial *126#
Check Balance in Digi Postpaid: Dial *128*1*1#
Check Digi Data Balance: Dial *200*2#

3. Your balance and internet data usage will appear

4. Finish

This video to check balance Digi:

How to check Digi prepaid balance online is very easy. I hope that can help you. Thank.

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