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Top Up Celcom Prepaid

Many Malaysians use Celcom SIM cards. The way to top up Celcom is very easy. How To Top Up Celcom Prepaid? You can choose three topup methods.
How to Reload Celcom

Top Up Celcom via Xpax

Enter your telephone number and reload
  • Let's get started to reload your credit
  • Take your smartphone
  • Make sure mobile internet is active
  • Visit the Celcom website
  • Enter your telephone number
  • Reload selection
  • Enter the number of celcom topup
  • Review your top up
  • make payments through banks, etc

Visit Celcom Xpax Dealers

Visit the nearest Celcom Xpax dealers
  • Take your computer or smartphone
  • Visit the nearest Celcom Xpax dealers
  • You can find the nearest dealer through the Celcom website
  • Go to the dealer and reload Celcom
  • Make a payment
  • Top up succeeded

Top Up Celcom via Apps and Win Samsung Galaxy A50s

  • Download the latest Celcom Life app
  • Select Reload, followed by Credit Reload within Celcom Life app
  • Select the preferred reload amount (RM10, RM30, RM50 or RM100)
  • Select the payment method to reload (Credit / Debit Card or Online Banking)

You can read the terms and conditions directly on the official Celcom website.

Hopefully this article can help you who want to do a Celcom toup. thanks.

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