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Transfer Money to Singapore from USA

How to transfer money to Singapore from USA? This is the way international money transfer is safe, cheap, easy, as well as fast.
Transfer Money to Singapore from USA 2020

Domestic money transfers may already be something ordinary and easy for you. But how to conduct financial transactions between countries that have currency differences?

What kind of money transfer service do you choose? Which is cheap, safe, and fast International shipping service to Singapore?

That's why you need to make this article a reference. Several methods of international money transfer are written here. You can listen and compare the best service providers.

So that your family or relatives in the USA, can easily and safely send money into Singapore. Happy reading, sorting, and selecting.

Western Union

Western Union is a very popular money transfer service in the world today. Wherever you are, in the USA, Malaysia, UK, Singapore, India or any other country, it can easily find Western Union.

Western Union spreads almost all over the world. Present in 200 countries and become the number one choice of world citizens. Western Union is believed to be safe, easy, fast, and inexpensive.

This guide money transfer from USA to Singapore via WU

- Find your nearest Western Union office or agent location. You can check the office location and WU agent in USA via the search feature on Western Union website.

- Before you go, prepare all the requirements. Like the ID, visa, and the amount of money you want to send.

- Upon arriving at the WU office, tell the officer that you want to send money to Singapore. The WU officer will provide you with your submission form. Fill out the form.

- You can transfer money from USA to bank in Singapore (Bank in cooperation with Western Union). You can ask any of the WU officers of any bank in Singapore who can receive WU transfer.

- In addition to the bank, you can also transfer to Western Union agents in Singapore. Money can be taken in cash.

- Provide a form to the officer along with your ID. They then examine the form. If it is valid, the officer will request the remittance along with the shipping administration fee.

- You can ask how much money will go to Singapore dollars after converting from USA dollars.

- Once the transaction is completed, the officer will provide you with proof of transaction. It contains the MTCN code.

- Tell the code to the recipient who will use it when making money. Make sure before taking the money, the recipient carries the KTP.

The money you transfer from the USA, can be delivered directly to the Western Union officers in Singapore to your home when you use the shuttle service. This service is available for cost.

How long the shipment from USA to Singapore is about two to three working days. Can also eat time until one week.

You should ask this to a Western Union officer. Check status updates through Western Union online checking service.

Money Gram 

In addition to Western Union, the recommended foreign transfer service provider is Money Gram. Money Gram shipping costs compete with Western Union.

Money Gram has been used by many people around the world. Money Gram's range has reached 170 countries and 104,000 agents around the world.

In Singapore, Money Gram has spread to many locations. Besides superior shipping costs are cheap, Money Gram delivery is also considered fast.

You can transfer money from USA to banks in Singapore in cooperation with Money Gram. Can also direct transfer to the Money Gram agent that has been spread in Singapore.

How to send money from USA to Singapore via Moneygram is simple.

- First, look for an office or nearest Money Gram agent in the USA. You can do a location search on the Money Gram website.

- Before you leave, set up your ID and the money you will transfer. Don't forget any administration fees.

- Upon arriving at the Money Gram Office, katakana to the officer that you want to make international transactions to Singapore. The officer will provide you with a submission form.

- Once the form is complete, give it to the officer along with the ID and the transferring money.

- Transactions are then processed. You will get a printed transaction that contains an 8-digit reference number.

- Notify the code to the recipient in Singapore. The code is used to collect transfer money in Singapore. The receiver must carry the ID when it will take the money.

- How long the transaction process to Singapore, can be in just a few minutes or two to three days. Ask this to the Money Gram clerk.

Wire Transfer

If you have a bank account number in the USA, you can make a direct delivery to Singapore via Wire Transfer service.

Come to a bank abroad and say to the officer that you want to transfer from to a local bank in Singapore.

The bank officer will provide you with a shipping slip. Fill out the form as instructed. Don't forget to enter the bank SWIFT code in Singapore. The SWIFT code of each bank in Singapore is not the same. Ask this code to the officer.

The cost of shipping via Wire Transfer may reach 20 dollars. Shipping costs are not banks also not the same.


Lately, more people are making international shipments with Transferwise. Many people in Singapore have chosen this international transfer service.

Transferwise shipping costs claimed cheap. You can check and try directly through the TransferWise website.

Register Account

- First you have to create a Transferwise account. Visit the Transferwise website and register.

- Choose Sign Up. After that, input your personal data according to your identity card.

- Second, upload your KTP photo. Can also use the SIM. Finished the upload, you are asked to wait. The Transferwise team will check and verify your data (verification may be several hours).

- Upon completion of verification, you will be asked to complete the identity in detail. Fill in the Bank data and bank number in Singapore.

- Once the identity card matches the account, you must attach a bank statement or proof of residence.

- Once all is valid, you will get notifications from Transferwise via email. Confirm for the Transferwise borderless account.

- In this stage, you can already create a borderless account. At Transferwise, 4 currencies can be activated. Namely US Dollar, Europe EURO, Australian Dollar, British Pounds. Which one you will activate, depending on the currency you want to use.

- Your borderless account is ready for use.

How to Transfer money USA to Singapore via Transferwise

- After a borderless account is active, you can use the Transferwise app (download it in Playstore or Appstore).

- Open the app. Then add a local bank account as a transfer destination. Go to the Recipients menu and click Add your bank account.

- Then fill in the bank account in Singapore. Account number contents of account numbers. Then click on confirm.

To make the transfer, please enter the Transfer menu. Click the Send Money button.

- Enter the amount of money you want to send. The sender's currency and the recipient's currency. For example 2000 US dollars are sent to Singapore dollars.

- Next select Continue. Input the sender information. Select a transfer destination. If sent to someone else in Singapore, select someone else. Enter the recipient's data (name, email, and beneficiary bank account number).

- You get into the transfer review. Please fill in with transfer purpose. It can also be emptied. After that select confirm.

You must choose a transfer via Debit Card, Credit Card, or Bank Transfer.

- If the shipment is made above €1,000, you must verify the account. Upload your KTP, passport, or DRIVER's license.

Deliveries are processed within one to five days. Mostly according to Transferwise users, it is not up to 24 hours of money.

That's how transfer money to Singapore from USA. Hopefully this reference can help you choose the best international money transfer service.

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