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Singtel Balance Check Number, Toll-Free Service

Unravel the secrets of easily checking your Singtel balance and making smooth top-ups. Stay connected and in control, right at your fingertips! 

Singtel Balance Check Number

The cornerstone of an effective communication experience lies in how well you manage your account, particularly in keeping tabs on your balance. 

For Singtel users, knowing your balance isn't just essential, it's been made incredibly straightforward! 

Let's plunge deeper into how you can keep track of your Singtel balance, top up effortlessly, and ensure you're always connected, anytime, anywhere.

Understanding Your Hi!SIM Card: Balance Checks Made Easy





Free access in Singapore.

Convenient online platform

Call 9676-7777 and press 1

Toll-free service.

Direct contact and immediate response

Dial *100#

Easy-to-remember number.

Immediate balance information

Keeping track of your hi!SIM card balance doesn't have to be a chore. In fact, Singtel offers multiple methods to suit your preference and convenience. 

You could use your hi!Account - it's easily accessible, free in Singapore, and provides you with a comprehensive overview of your balance. 

Alternatively, a toll-free call to 9676-7777 followed by pressing 1 will get you a quick balance update. 

For those who prefer a quick dial, *100# is your magic number!

Topping Up the Value on Your Prepaid Card: The Where and How




My Singtel app

User-friendly mobile app.

On-the-go access


Physical top-up stations.

Easy for those preferring face-to-face transactions

Dial *1355 via a Singtel Postpaid Line

Quick dial service.

Ideal for Singtel postpaid users

Running low on balance? Fret not! Singtel provides several ways to top-up your prepaid card with absolute ease. 

The My Singtel app is a convenient tool that lets you add value to your card wherever you are. 

If you're more of a traditionalist and prefer physical stations, you can stop by any SAM, DBS/POSB ATM, or AXS Station for a quick top-up. 

And for Singtel postpaid users, a swift dial to *1355 has got you covered!

Purchasing a Data or Social Plan on Your Prepaid Card: A Breeze with Singtel





Free access in Singapore.

Easy online access

Dial *100#

Direct dial number.

Immediate transaction

My Singtel app

Simple in-app purchases.

Convenient and efficient

Authorised Prepaid Retailer

Physical store purchases.

Personal assistance and guidance

What about when you want to add more data or a social plan to your prepaid card? Singtel has got your back. 

You can visit hi!Account, a free and simple online platform, or you can make a direct purchase by dialing *100#. 

The My Singtel app also allows for quick, in-app purchases. Prefer in-person transactions? 

Visit any authorised prepaid retailer to get assistance and make your purchase.


With Singtel, managing your mobile experience has never been easier. From checking your balance to making top-ups, every transaction is designed for your convenience. 

Gone are the days of unexpected "low balance" shocks. Embrace the ease of a fully connected, stress-free communication experience with Singtel. 

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