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Singtel Roaming to Malaysia, Enjoy Fast 5G Connectivity

Explore Singtel's diverse roaming plans designed for your trip to Malaysia. Enjoy fast 5G connectivity, broad coverage, and budget-friendly rates for a worry-free digital experience. 

Singtel Roaming to Malaysia

Planning a trip to Malaysia and concerned about staying digitally connected? 

Rest easy! Singtel's comprehensive roaming plans are geared to ensure you're consistently connected, benefitting from expansive coverage and cutting-edge 5G and LTE data. 

Say goodbye to the fear of unexpected bills, letting you concentrate on making the most of your Malaysian escapade. 

So, let's delve into these plans and find the one that best fits your connectivity needs.

Singtel Prepaid SIM Card in Singapore Near You

ReadyRoam: The Affordable Way to Stay Connected

Are you on a budget but don't want to compromise on data? 

Singtel's ReadyRoam plans are the perfect answer to your dilemma. 

From covering nearby neighbours to going global, there's a plan for everyone. Let's check them out:

Plan Name


Destinations Covered


Neighbour 1GB


Choose 1 from Indonesia, Malaysia, or Thailand

$5.00 for 30-day subscription

Asia 4GB


18 multiple destinations including ReadyRoam Neighbour plan countries, Australia, Hong Kong, India, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, and more

Worldwide 6GB


81 multiple destinations including ReadyRoam Neighbour, Asia plan countries, France, Qatar, Switzerland, Turkey, UAE, USA, UK, and more

Others 1GB


157 multiple destinations including coverage in ReadyRoam Neighbour, Asia, Worldwide plans, Brazil, Maldives, Morocco, and more

ReadyRoam allows you to stay connected during your entire trip in these regions. You can easily view full details at and subscribe via the My Singtel app.

Tailored to Every Travel Experience

Singtel's DataRoam plans are specifically designed to cater to every traveller's needs. From frequent flyers to sea-faring explorers, there's a plan for everyone:

Plan Name




DataRoam Monthly Recurring

6GB per month

Australia and Malaysia


DataRoam Unlimited Daily

Unlimited data for one day

157 destinations

$19.00 for daily subscription

Inflight DataRoam

Unlimited inflight data for 24 hours

Selected flights

$5.00 for 24-hour access

Cruise DataRoam

Unlimited data every day

Selected cruises

$29.00 for daily subscription

*Min. 3-month contract; 1-month plan at $10/month also available.

Whether you're on the ground, in the air, or out at sea, stay connected with these comprehensive roaming plans. 

For more information and to subscribe, use the My Singtel app now.

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SMSVoiceRoam 7 Days and GlobalDial 121: For Those Who Prefer Voice Calls and Texts

Not everyone is a data buff, and some prefer traditional voice calls and texts. Singtel understands this and has curated special plans for these users too:

Plan Name



SMSVoiceRoam 7 Days

30 mins talktime, 60 SMSes for 7 days

$20.00 for 7-day subscription

GlobalDial 121

Savings on calls back to Singapore and other countries from overseas

$0.48 per minute

Subscribe to these services via the My Singtel app, and stay connected through voice calls and texts throughout your journey.

Estimated Data Usage: A Handy Guide

Here's an estimated data usage guide to help you make an informed decision:

Popular Apps

Estimated Data Usage

WhatsApp: 1 text message


WhatsApp: 1 min voice call


WhatsApp: 1 min video call


Google Maps: 5 mins of navigation


Spotify: 1 min of standard music streaming


Facebook/Instagram: 1 hour of browsing


Do remember that the actual data usage may vary based on the amount of information or image/song file sizes loaded.


Singtel's diverse range of roaming plans are designed with the traveller in mind. 

From data roaming for internet surfing to voice/SMS plans for staying in touch with loved ones, Singtel has a plan for every need and budget. 

So, go ahead and kick-start your Malaysian adventure with Singtel as your reliable connectivity partner!

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