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Guide to Reaching Digi's Helpline: Your Path to Seamless Service!

Looking for the Digi Helpline number? Navigate your way to a smooth customer service experience with Digi! Get your queries solved in a jiffy. Don't miss out on this helpful guide! 

Guide to Reaching Digi's Helpline: Your Path to Seamless Service!

In the digital era, staying connected and informed is more critical than ever. But what if you encounter an issue that needs immediate resolution? 

Fear not, as Digi has made its customer service effortlessly accessible. 

This article provides a laid-back, step-by-step guide to reaching Digi's helpline and utilizing the other means they offer to resolve your queries.

Getting Assistance via Digi's Helpline Number

At the heart of Digi's commitment to customer service is their helpline number, 016-2211800. 

It's always open, and their dedicated consultants are eager to assist.

Contact Method



Call Us



Tap into Self-Help Options

For those who prefer a quick, DIY approach, Digi's self-help options come in handy. 

Check out the Help Centre or use the MyDigi app for various resources and solutions.

Self-Help Option


Browse Help Centre

Guides & how-tos, FAQs, Promotions & Campaign details

MyDigi App

Account & subscription management, bill payment & tracking, support for Account, Billing & Network issues

Keep Tabs on Your Network Status

Network issues can be bothersome. 

But with Digi's network status check, you can stay informed about planned upgrades, maintenance, or outages, and get tips to troubleshoot problems.

Check Option


Network Status Check

Information on planned upgrades, maintenance, outages, and troubleshooting tips

Stay Scam-Free with Digi's Support

Suspect a scam? Digi can help. Report scams from any source and learn how to protect yourself better.

Support Method


Report a Scam

Report scams via SMS, incoming calls, or social media

Reach Out for Help Your Way

When self-help doesn't suffice, Digi's other contact methods are here for you. Submit an enquiry, start a chat, or walk into a Digi Store for personalized help.

Contact Option


Submit an Enquiry

Hear from Digi in 24 hours via SMS & email

Chat with Us

Get guided by a chatbot or a live consultant (10am-7pm Mon-Sun)

Walk into a Digi Store

Locate your nearest Digi store for in-person assistance

Wrapping Up

Digi's customer service, available via a multitude of channels, ensures that all your concerns are addressed effectively. 

Remember, you're just a call, click, or visit away from getting the help you need.

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