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Maybank Customer Service 24 Hours, in Malaysia and Overseas

Uncover the excellence of Maybank's customer service 24 hours, readily available around the clock. Reach out via phone or email for a seamless banking experience. 

Maybank Customer Service 24 Hours

In today's fast-paced world, banking is an essential part of our daily life. Yet, navigating the nuances of banking services can be daunting. 

Thankfully, Maybank's 24/7 Customer Service is at your disposal, committed to providing world-class assistance with a personalized touch. 

Regardless of your concern, be it transactional glitches or information about new services, 

Maybank's customer care is designed to ensure you never feel stranded in your banking journey.

1. Maybank's 24/7 Customer Service: Uninterrupted Access

Regardless of time zones and geographical barriers, Maybank's dedicated customer service is just a call or email away. 

With their well-trained and friendly staff, Maybank guarantees that your issues will be addressed promptly and efficiently.



24/7 Customer Care

1-300 88 6688 (Malaysia), +60-3-7844 3696 (Overseas)

Email Address

Head Office Contact

+60-3-2070 8833

2. Embrace the Versatility of Maybank's Customer Care

Maybank's customer care is not just about resolving issues, but also about enhancing your banking experience. Whether you're looking to open a new account, need assistance with your debit card, or require advisory on sales, Maybank is there to guide you.



Comprehensive Banking Services

Make an appointment at your nearest branch for a multitude of services including new account opening, debit card assistance, sales advisory, and more.

3. Customized Assistance: Your Guide to Maybank's Specialized Contact Channels

At Maybank, customer care goes beyond traditional banking services. The bank realizes that its customers have a diverse range of needs and inquiries. 

Hence, it provides specialized contact channels catering to various unique areas. 

Whether you're curious about your career prospects with Maybank, seeking insights about investor relations, or interested in exploring media sponsorship and procurement opportunities, Maybank is ready to assist you.


Email Address

Investor Relations

Job Enquiries

Media Sponsorship

Procurement Opportunities

Each of these contact channels is designed to provide customized solutions, specific to the department's role and your needs.

By segregating inquiries in this manner, Maybank ensures that you receive the most accurate and prompt responses from the right team of experts. 

In this way, Maybank continues to excel in delivering top-notch, customer-centric services. 

4. Your Security is Our Priority: Maybank's Fraud Hotline

In the digital age, fraudulent activities have unfortunately become common. 

Maybank takes your security seriously, offering a dedicated hotline to report any suspicious activities. 

Immediately alert them if you suspect you’ve been scammed.



Fraud Hotline

Available 24/7 at +60-3-5891 4744 or the National Scam Response Centre at 997 (8am-8pm daily).

5. Conclusion

Customer service is a critical component in the banking sector, and Maybank takes it a notch higher with their comprehensive 24/7 support. 

From general banking inquiries to specific needs in investor relations, job inquiries, and fraud detection, Maybank ensures a seamless experience for all its customers. 

This excellence in service, coupled with their commitment to customer security, makes Maybank a trusted partner in your financial journey.

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