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McDonald's Promotions in Malaysia June 2023

Sate your appetites and score sensational savings with McDonald's promotions in Malaysia this June 2023! From Crazy Hour deals to delightful giveaways, it's time to dig in!

When it comes to treating yourself to something yummy without splurging, McDonald's is your go-to place. 

As one of the most loved fast-food chains worldwide, McDonald's Malaysia is turning up the heat this June 2023 with a medley of enticing promotions. 

Whether you're hankering after a delectable meal or hunting for exciting giveaways, McDonald's has got you covered.

Mcd Promotion Malaysia June 2023

Bring Home the Adorable Original Squishmallows™!

McDonald's isn't just about tantalising your taste buds, it's about bringing joy, and that's exactly what the Original Squishmallows™ do! With every Happy Meal purchased, you can bring home a cute and squishy friend at no extra cost.

Maximise Your Munchies with McDonald's Crazy Hour Deals

Those mid-afternoon snack pangs and late-night cravings have finally met their match. McDonald's Crazy Hour is here to rescue your hungry stomach with up to 40% savings! Get ready to feast like a king from 3-6pm and 9pm-12am.

Elevate Your Dining Experience with Super Value Meals

Why settle for just a meal when you can enhance it with a tasty add-on and save up to 65% in the process? McDonald's Super Value Meals are here to ensure you get more bang for your buck.

Dive into Amazing Discounts with the McDonald's App

The McDonald's App isn't just a food ordering platform, it's your ticket to great deals and savings. New users are in for a treat with special discounts awaiting their discovery.

Sprinkle Magic on Your Mondays with McDonald's Specials

Don't let the Monday blues get you down. McDonald's is here to make your mornings marvelous with RM5 favourites every Monday until 10am.

And if you're ready to don yellow on the first morning of every month, McDonald's rewards your spirit with a FREE breakfast!

Revive the Samurai Spirit

Experience the return of the epic Samurai Burger! Delight in bites oozing with Teriyaki sauce and complement your meal with a selection of sweet treats.


This June, McDonald's Malaysia is turning the tables on ordinary dining. 

With its lineup of irresistible promotions ranging from Super Value Meals to delightful Squishmallows™ giveaways, McDonald's is truly a fast-food paradise for all food lovers. 

Don't wait, let the feast begin!

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