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Topping Up Your NETS FlashPay Card, A Quick Guide

Find out how you can easily top up your NETS FlashPay card and enjoy the convenience of cashless transactions. From using apps to local bank ATMs, we've got you covered! 

Topping Up Your NETS FlashPay Card

Gone are the days of fumbling for spare change. With Singapore's NETS FlashPay card, your daily payments for shopping, food, and transport become as simple as a tap. 

You might be wondering how to keep this magical card charged and ready for your needs. 

Fret not, because topping up your NETS FlashPay card is as convenient as using it. 

Let's go through the various methods you can use.

Options for Topping Up

You can top up your NETS FlashPay card through multiple channels. 

Whether you're near a local bank ATM, a convenience store, or just at home with your smartphone, you can easily add funds to your card.

Top-Up Method


NETS Services

NETS App*, NETS Top Up Machines, NETS Customer Service Centre

Local Bank ATMs


Ticketing Offices

Add Value Machine Plus (AVM+), General Ticketing Machines, TransitLink Ticket Office*

Convenience Stores & Petrol Stations*

7-Eleven, Buzz Pods, Cheers, FairPrice Xpress, Shell Petrol Stations

Auto Top-Up

Allows automatic top-ups with your credit/debit card when there is insufficient stored value to make a payment

*A service fee may be chargeable.

Understanding Auto Top-Up Service

If you want to avoid the hassle of manually topping up your card, consider using the Auto Top-Up service. 

It's an efficient way to ensure your card always has sufficient funds, as it automatically tops up your card using your linked credit or debit card. 

This feature is especially useful for payments in transit (MRT/buses), ERP gantries, and EPS (CEPAS-compliant) car park exits.

Storing Maximum Value in Your NETS FlashPay Card

Remember, your NETS FlashPay Card can store a maximum of S$500. It's important to know this limit, so you can manage your top-ups and card balance effectively.


With so many options at your disposal, topping up your NETS FlashPay card should be a breeze. 

So go ahead, add some value to your card and enjoy the convenience of cashless transactions in your everyday life.

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