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Transfer Money from Singapore to BCA Indonesia Using Fire Cash

Dive into our comprehensive and easy guide on how to transfer money from Singapore to BCA Indonesia using Fire Cash. Experience the speed, security, and zero fees! 

Transfer Money from Singapore to BCA Indonesia Using Fire Cash

Living in Singapore and need to transfer funds to Indonesia but confused about how to do it? 

Don't worry, you're not alone. Despite living in the digital age, many people still find it challenging to make international money transfers. 

Therefore, we're going to discuss a simple and effective method to send money from Singapore to BCA Indonesia, using the Fire Cash service. 

This method is not only secure and quick but also free of transfer fees!

Getting to Know Fire Cash

Before we get into the steps, it's essential to first understand what Fire Cash is. 

Fire Cash is a service for sending money from abroad to Indonesia, intended for BCA accounts or cash recipients. 

This service is designed to facilitate anyone who wants to send money from abroad to Indonesia with a hassle-free, quick, and secure process.

Here are some key benefits of using Fire Cash:




Simply by filling out a form, listing a PIN, and showing a valid identity, you can make a withdrawal


Fire Cash guarantees a high level of security by using a PIN that can be found at 300,000 Fire Cash partner outlets


Easy withdrawal process at every BCA branch, all Post Offices, and Fire Cash Partners without needing to pay any fee

How to Transfer Money from Singapore to BCA Indonesia Through Fire Cash

1. Choose a Sending Partner in Singapore

The first step is to choose a BCA cash sending partner in Singapore. 

Some partners you can choose from include BKK Forex Pte Ltd, GPL Remittance Pte Ltd, Mustafa Foreign Exchange, and many more.

2. Fill Out the Form and Make a Transfer

After choosing a partner, you will be asked to fill out a form. 

Make sure to fill in all the required information correctly. Next, you can make a transfer according to the amount of money you want to send. 

Remember to note down the reference number given, as it is crucial for the next process.

3. Confirm the Transfer

After making the transfer, you need to confirm the transfer. 

You can confirm it through the BCA Fire Cash Tracking Status page by entering the reference number.

4. Recipient to Make Withdrawal

To cash out the money, the recipient in Indonesia must list the given PIN and show a valid Electronic ID/Passport. 

After that, the funds can be withdrawn at BCA branches, Post Offices, or other Fire Cash partners.


With the Fire Cash service, the process of transferring money from Singapore to BCA Indonesia is now easier and faster. 

In addition, Fire Cash also ensures a high level of security and frees you from transfer fees. 

So, for those of you who often transact between countries or have a business that requires international money transfers, Fire Cash could be the right solution.

Source: BCA Fire Cash

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