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Transferring Money from Saudi Arabia to BNI Bank 2024, Fees and Transfer Time

Want to know how to transfer money from Saudi Arabia to BNI Bank, including the cost and transfer duration? Follow our detailed guide here! 

Transferring Money from Saudi Arabia to BNI

In the era of globalization, international money transfers have become an increasingly critical necessity. 

This is especially true for migrant workers in Saudi Arabia who wish to send their earnings to their families back in Indonesia. 

However, if you're not familiar with the process, it can be a challenge. But don't worry! 

This article is here to help you understand how to transfer money from Saudi Arabia to BNI Bank, what fees are involved, and how long the transfer process takes.

Money Transfer Services from BNI Bank

As one of the largest banks in Indonesia, BNI Bank provides various money transfer services to facilitate remittances from abroad, including from Saudi Arabia. 

Some of the services on offer include:

Incoming Transfer (ITR) BNI Account: This service allows you to send money from abroad directly to a BNI account in Indonesia.

ITR Non-BNI Account: If the recipient doesn't have a BNI account, you can still send money via this service. The remittance will be directed to another Indonesian domestic bank account aside from BNI.

BNI Wesel PIN: If the recipient doesn't have a bank account at all, you can choose this option. Money remittances from abroad can be collected in cash at BNI outlets, post offices, Alfamart, Pegadaian, Agen 46, and other BNI Wesel PIN payment agents.

BNI Mobile Remittance (BNI MoRe): This is BNI's latest digital innovation that simplifies money transfers from Singapore to Indonesia. This service can be accessed via mobile anywhere and anytime, significantly easing the money transfer process.

Fees and Transfer Time

Fees and transfer time are two of the most frequently asked factors in money transfer processes. 

Here are the details for money transfer services from Saudi Arabia to BNI Bank:

Type of Transfer

Transfer Fee

Transfer Time

Credit to Account

40,000 - 50,000 IDR

1-3 business days

BNI Wesel PIN (Cash - IDR)

5,000 IDR

Same day

Note: Fees and transfer times may vary depending on certain factors such as transfer volume, time differences, and others. Always check the latest information from BNI Bank before making a transfer.

Money Transfer Process

Essentially, the process of transferring money from Saudi Arabia to BNI Bank is quite straightforward. 

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Visit the BNI remittance agent/correspondent in Saudi Arabia. You will be asked to submit the remittance money and identity, as well as fill out a remittance form.
  2. If you choose to use BNI MoRe service, you can carry out this process through a digital correspondent application.
  3. The recipient in Indonesia can collect the money at a BNI branch or other BNI outlets and payment agents. To do so, they must bring their PIN number and identification card.


Transferring money from Saudi Arabia to Indonesia through BNI Bank is now faster and easier. 

By understanding how it works, the fees involved, and the time needed, you can make transactions securely and efficiently. 

With this guide, we hope that you will be able to send money back home smoothly and without any hindrance!

Source: BNI 

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