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Navigating Digi Roaming in China 2024, Your Comprehensive Guide

Explore Digi Roaming in China with our expert insights. Learn how to stay connected, purchase roaming passes, and enable data roaming effortlessly. 

digi roaming china

Traveling to China can be an exciting adventure, but staying connected while you're there is essential. 

Digi Roaming offers convenient solutions to keep you online during your trip to China. 

In this article, we will explore the ins and outs of Digi Roaming in China, including how to purchase roaming passes and enable data roaming. Let's dive in!

Digi Roaming Passes for China

When you're in China, Digi offers several roaming passes to cater to your internet needs. 

These passes provide you with access to the internet at affordable rates, ensuring you're always connected. 

Here are some of the available options:

3-Day Internet Pass (RM25)

Ideal for short trips, this pass covers a variety of countries, including China, ensuring you stay connected throughout your visit.

7-Day Unlimited Internet Pass (RM58)

For a week-long stay in China, this pass offers unlimited internet access, giving you peace of mind during your travels.

30-Day Unlimited Internet Pass (RM98)

Perfect for longer stays, this pass not only covers China but also a wide range of other countries, making it suitable for extensive travel.

It's important to note that inflight internet usage is also eligible for these passes.

How to Purchase Roaming Passes

Digi makes it easy to purchase roaming passes for your trip to China. Here's a step-by-step guide:

Buying Before You Travel

  1. Open your MyDigi App and click on 'Buy Add-Ons.' 

  2. Select 'Roaming' from the options. 

  3. Choose the country you're traveling to, in this case, China. 

  4. Select the desired roaming pass based on your travel duration. 

  5. Pick your travel date and confirm your purchase. 

  6. Your pass will be activated between 12 am to 2 am Malaysia time on the chosen date or immediately if purchased for immediate use. 

  7. Don't forget to turn on Data Roaming on your mobile phone when you arrive at your destination, and you're all set to stay connected.

Buying When You Land Abroad

If you prefer to purchase your roaming pass upon arrival in China, follow these steps:

  1. Dial UMB Code *800*3# upon your arrival at your destination in China. 

  2. Select the desired roaming pass. 

  3. Confirm your purchase. You'll receive an SMS to confirm successful activation. 

  4. Turn on Data Roaming on your mobile phone, and you're ready to use your pass. 

Enabling Data Roaming

To ensure you can use your Digi Roaming pass, you need to enable data roaming on your mobile phone. Here's how to do it:

For iOS Users

  1. Open Settings and tap on 'Mobile Data' or 'Cellular.' 

  2. Ensure your mobile data is turned on by sliding the toggle to the right. 

  3. Tap on 'Mobile Data Options.' 

  4. Make sure your data roaming is turned on by sliding the toggle to the right. 

For Android Users

  1. Go to 'Mobile Networks' or 'Mobile Data.' 

  2. Turn on your mobile data by sliding the toggle to the right. 

  3. Ensure data roaming is enabled by sliding the toggle to the right. 

Please note that postpaid subscribers are advised to turn off Data Roaming if they don't plan to purchase roaming passes. 

Otherwise, they may incur charges of RM36 per day for unlimited roaming.

Enable Data Roaming in Mobile Plan

  1. Open MyDigi App and tap the menu icon at the top left. 

  2. Tap on 'Settings'. 

  3. Tap on 'My Subscriptions'. 

  4. Ensure 'International Roaming' is turned on by sliding the toggle to the right. 


With Digi Roaming, staying connected in China has never been easier. 

Whether you're visiting for a few days or an extended period, Digi's range of roaming passes ensures you have access to the internet at affordable rates. 

Just remember to enable data roaming on your mobile phone, and you'll be ready to explore China while staying connected with family, friends, and work. Enjoy your trip!

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