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Celcom Digi Fibre Review for Seamless Connectivity

Discover the synergy of Celcom Digi fibre plans, exploring speeds, pricing, and user experiences in this comprehensive review.

Celcom Digi Fibre Review for Seamless Connectivity
In this digital age, a stable internet connection and a reliable postpaid plan are more than mere luxuries—they're necessities. 

Celcom Digi Fibre stands tall in this realm, promising an amalgamation of high-speed internet and affordable postpaid plans. But does it live up to the expectations?

Understanding Celcom Digi Fibre Plans

Let's delve into the heart of these plans. The amalgamation brings forth a range of options, from 50 Mbps to a blazing fast 1 Gbps. To simplify:


Original Monthly Price

Discounted Monthly Price (paired with Postpaid RM60 & above)

Home Device Add-ons

50 Mbps




100 Mbps




300 Mbps



From RM2/day

500 Mbps



From RM2/day

800 Mbps



From RM2/day

1 Gbps



From RM2/day

Understanding Celcom Digi Fibre Plans
Source: DigiBroadband Plans

The asterisked note highlights the average price per month over 24 months after factoring in the FREE 6 months promo (specifically for the 300 Mbps plan).

Celcom Digi Fibre Review

The true litmus test lies in the experiences of users. Scouring through various channels and forums, one can find a mixed bag of reviews. 

Some users express delight in the seamless connectivity and affordable plans, while others voice concerns about after-sale service and reliability issues.

User Feedback:

"My Digi Fibre relocation took more than a month without any update. A month without WiFi, and I'm still charged in my bills!"

"After-sales service disappointed me. Waiting for a technician for 24 to 48 hours with connection issues isn’t ideal."

"Three days without Digi Fiber, no technician showed up or contacted. Frustrating!"

: OfficialDigi Facebook

Support and Contact Channels

Despite the hiccups, Celcom Digi aims to provide support through various channels such as WhatsApp for Celcom and the Digi Support Page.

Celcom: WhatsApp Support

Digi: Support Page

Celcom Digi Fibre appears to offer competitive plans and impressive speeds, but user experiences raise concerns about after-sale services and technical support. 

The fusion presents a promising package, yet real-life encounters narrate a different tale.

Disclaimer: This article aims to compile information available online and user experiences; individual experiences may vary. Prices and plans might change over time; readers are encouraged to verify the latest details from official sources.

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