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Celcom Top Up Codes and Methods in 2024

Explore the latest Celcom top up codes and convenient methods in 2024. Learn how to top up Celcom, use the 122 code, and leverage Celcom Life app for seamless reloads. 

Celcom Top Up Codes and Methods

In the vibrant world of Malaysian telecommunications, Celcom Axiata Berhad stands out as a beacon of connectivity. 

As one of the most beloved SIM cards in Malaysia and Indonesia, Celcom offers a plethora of enticing internet and call promotions, often throwing in free credit or data. 

This article unveils the six latest ways to top up Celcom in 2024, providing you with a hassle-free guide to keeping your Celcom connection alive.

1. Top Up Celcom via Reload 122

Topping up Celcom through the 122 code is a breeze. Simply purchase a credit voucher from a Celcom agent or the nearest Xpax store, then enter the voucher code. 

For instance, type 122(16 digit pin)# and press enter. Confirm your reload by dialing *124#.

Note: You can also use SMS by typing REC <space> 16 digit pin and sending it to 2888.



Dial 122(16 digit pin)#

To top up using a voucher

Dial *124#

Check Celcom reload balance

SMS REC <16 digit pin> to 2888

Alternative SMS method

2. Reload Celcom via Celcom Life App

For Android and iPhone users in Indonesia and Malaysia, the Celcom Life app is a game-changer. 

With over a million downloads on Playstore, this 29MB app offers a user-friendly interface for checking data usage, managing accounts, viewing bills, and, of course, topping up Celcom.



Download Celcom Life app from Playstore

Install the app on your smartphone

Register with your phone number and email

Enter the verification code received via SMS

Top up Celcom as guided by the app

Follow the detailed payment instructions

3. Top Up Celcom via Xpax

Xpax provides another avenue for easy Celcom top-ups. Follow these steps for a seamless experience.



Visit Celcom website

Choose Prepaid and select Celcom XPAX

Enter your phone number

Select top-up amount and proceed to payment

Review your purchase and make payment

Confirm successful Celcom top-up

4. Top Up Celcom via Xpax Dealers

Visit Celcom Xpax dealers scattered across Malaysia for in-person top-ups using vouchers or direct transfers.

5. Top Up Celcom via 11STREET

For online savvies, 11STREET offers a 5% discount on Celcom top-ups, making it an attractive option.



Create an account on 11STREET

Enjoy a 5% discount on Celcom top-ups

Visit the 11STREET website

Choose your top-up amount and proceed

6. Top Up Celcom via Maybank2U and CIMB

Utilize your Maybank or CIMB account to top up Celcom through mobile banking.



Download Maybank2U or CIMB app

Log in and select top-up or credit purchase

Follow the mobile banking instructions

Complete the transaction, ensuring a successful top-up

Note: Ensure mobile banking is activated on your Maybank or CIMB account.

In a nutshell, these six methods provide you with a comprehensive guide to topping up Celcom in 2024. 

Whether you prefer traditional voucher-based top-ups or the convenience of mobile apps and online platforms, Celcom caters to your needs. 

Stay connected effortlessly and enjoy the benefits of the latest Celcom top-up methods.

Disclaimer: This article provides information based on various credible sources, and the methods described may be subject to updates or changes. Users are advised to verify information independently.

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