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Top Up Your EZ-Link Card: Enjoy Seamless Travel in Singapore!

Discover how to top up your EZ-Link card in Singapore and enjoy seamless travel across buses, trains, and retail outlets. Learn about the benefits of having a loaded EZ-Link card and explore various methods for topping it up. 

Top Up Your EZ-Link Card

In the bustling city of Singapore, efficient public transportation is essential. Whether you’re a local commuter or a curious tourist, having an EZ-Link card ensures smooth travel across buses, trains, and even retail outlets. 

Let’s dive into the world of EZ-Link top-ups and explore how you can keep your card loaded for hassle-free journeys.

Benefits of EZ-Link Top-Up

  • Uninterrupted Travel: With an adequately topped-up EZ-Link card, you won’t have to worry about running out of credit during your daily commute.
  • Convenience: No more fumbling for cash or searching for ticket counters. Just tap your EZ-Link card and hop on public transport effortlessly.
  • Retail Acceptance: Beyond transportation, your EZ-Link card is accepted at various retail outlets, making it a versatile payment option.

How to Top Up Your EZ-Link Card

1. Self-Service Machines

  • General Ticketing Machines (GTM): Available at all SMRT stations and SBST/NEL stations.
  • SimplyGo Kiosks: Located in selected MRT stations, bus interchanges, and Integrated Transport Hubs.

2. Service Counters

  • SimplyGo Ticket Office: Visit these offices for personalized assistance.
  • Ticketing Service Centres: Find a list of service centres here.
  • Concession Card Replacement Offices: If you have a concession card, check the replacement office locations here.

3. EZ-Link App

Download the EZ-Link app to top up your card, charms, wearables, and even your Android or iOS mobile devices. It’s your one-stop solution for managing your EZ-Link account.

4. ATMs

  • DBS/POSB ATMs: Access the “Cashcard/EZ-Link card Services” menu.
  • OCBC ATMs: Look for the EZ-Link logo under “Nets Flashpay/Cashcard/EZ-Link Services.”
  • AXS Machines: Use the “Top Up EZ-Link card” option.

5. Convenience Stores

7-Eleven: Top up your card at any 7-Eleven outlet (excluding Shell petrol stations). Please note that this service is not available for SimplyGo EZ-Link cards.

Keep your EZ-Link card loaded and enjoy seamless travel across Singapore. Remember, this information is based on credible sources and is up-to-date. Safe travels!

Disclaimer: This article provides information and does not constitute professional advice. Always verify the latest details from official sources before making decisions.

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