Payment Digi With MyDigi Apps

How to add a debit or credit to your Digi account apps is very easy. You can pay for Digi Prepaid or Postpaid through MyDigi apps.

Step 1
Download MyDigi apps in the play store or app store

Step 2
After download, open MyDigi application

Step 3
Tap the Menu icon on your homescreen

Step 4
Tap settings

Step 5
Tap My Payment

Step 6
Tap ‘+’ to add a card

Step 7
Fill in card details, then tap ‘Add Card’

Step 8
You’re Done! You succesfully add card

If your MyDigi apps account is active and you have added a payment method, it will be easier for you to buy or subscribe prepaid or postpaid Digi. Thank.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this worth able content with us. The concept taken here will be useful for my future programs and i will surely implement them in my study. Keep blogging article like this.


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