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Activate Digi Roaming In Thailand, Singapore, China, Indonesia

Activate Digi international roaming is very simple. You can enable Digi roaming in Thailand, Singapore, China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Australia, India, United States, Europe or other countries wherever you are.

There are three ways to activate international roaming Digi card. You can Self-activate at MyDigi apps:
  • Go to Plan Settings
  • My Subscription
  • International Roaming
  • click "Subscribe"

You can also Contact Digi Customer Service Helpline at +6016-2211 800 or email and chat with Digi chatbot.

After you activate Digi roaming, then you have to buy or subscribe to Digi roaming according to the country where you are. How to purchase roaming pass Digi?

Dial *800*3#
  • First, make sure you turn off Data Roaming or Cellular Data/Mobile Data on your mobile phone
  • Dial to *800*3#
  • Select Roaming Pass from the menu list and confirm your purchase
  • You'll receive a confirmation SMS to notify you of successful Roaming Pass purchase
  • Manually select the specified/applicable network operator
  • Turn on Data Roaming or Cellular Data/Mobile Data on your mobile phone
  • Done

Purchase via MyDigi
  • Take your phone and open MyDigi Apps
  • You can download MyDigi Apps at Playstore or Appstore
  • Buy Internet and select Buy Add-Ons 
  • Click “Roaming” and select country 
  • Select Roaming Pass 
  • Select Roaming Pass Activation Date (You may select “Now” for immediate activation or select a future date where the pass will activate anytime from 12 am to 2 am (Malaysia time) on the selected date) 
  • Subscribed Addons Successfully 

*Activation date: 12am (Malaysia time) upon SMS notified

You can keep track of your Digi roaming internet usage. UMB Dial *800# or via MyDigi apps.

Via Dial *800#
1. Check internet quota
2. Check voice minutes
3. Purchase roaming pas
Click 1 for check internet quota balance and select 2 for voice minutes balance.

Via MyDigi Apps
  • Download MyDigi apps in playstore or appstore
  • Open MyDigi apps
  • Login
  • For internet quota balance scroll to ‘internet’ on the main page
  • For voice minutes balance scroll to ‘calls & sms’ on the main page

You can turn off data roaming. These steps may vary depending on the software version of your device.

Go to Settings > Mobile Data >
Mobile Data Options >
slide the "Data Roaming" ON/OFF

Go to Settings > Mobile networks > slide the "Data Roaming" ON/OFF

If you want to activate roaming again, do same ways above.

Travel in any country, enjoy your holiday, and stay connected with Digi. In Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, China,  Japan, Korea, Australia, India, United States, Europe or other countries, you can easily enable Digi international roaming.

That's the article on how to activate Digi roaming international. Hope it helps you.

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