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Ways To Check U Mobile Balance

U Mobile is one of the telecommunications services in Malaysia. The way to check the balance of U Mobile is very easy.

You can check Mobile Balance using MyUMobile. First, you must download MyUMobile apps.
  • Get MyUMobile App in Playstore or Appstore
  • If you new user, launch the app and key in your U Mobile number
  • Enter the confirmation code send to you via SMS 
  • If you existing user, login with your U Mobile number and PIN 

Open Your MyUMobile App:
  • You can do checking your balance, paying your bill to redeeming rewards, and etc with MyUMobile App. 
  • Home screen for easier navigation is simple! You can now swap things around to see what you want first.
  • Check your data balance, voice minutes, freebies and bills whenever, wherever.
  • Pay your bill and purchase add-ons in seconds!
  • You will have a buzz when you’re in the red with your high-speed data quota.
  • Share credit, top up & pay bills for your friends and family.
  • Discover and redeem awesome deals, rewards and offers near you!
  • Going on vacay? Activate International Roaming and IDD on the app.
  • Meet all-new Notification Inbox, the one place for all your messages and alerts.

MyUMobile App support WeChat Go SIM too! That means, you can now check your balance on the go.

Thats how to check your UMobile Balance. Hope it can help you. Thank.

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