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Register Maybank2u

How To Register Maybank2u? - Maybank2u is an electronic service from Maybank for its customers. With Maybank2u, customers can easily access Maybank banking information or transactions.
Register Maybank2u 2020?
As one of the largest banks in Malaysia, Maybank continues to provide the best services for its customers. One of Maybank's services is presenting Maybank2u.

Electronic or digital service products that can be operated online through smartphones and computers. With Maybank2u, users can get banking information 24 hours a day.

Benefits and Benefits of Activating Maybank2u

  • Secure
  • Free or free of charge
  • Easy to open a savings account
  • Check account balances and movements
  • Shop pulses, pay for electricity, insurance, bills, etc.
  • Send money and receive money

Maybank is the only bank in the ASEAN region with 2,400 branch offices. Certainly the level of security is guaranteed because it is of international standard.

Three ways to register for Maybank2u

Register for Maybank2u through the Maybank App

  • Select 'Register for Maybank2u'
  • Enter the Account Number and ATM Card PIN
  • Choose ‘IDR’ Indonesian currency or ‘MYR’ Malaysian currency
  • Agree to Terms and Conditions
  • Select 'Continue'
  • Enter your User ID and Password
  • Choose one of your visual identity images
  • Confirm mobile number and email data
  • Enter the SMS Token / TAC in the mobile number
  • Maybank2u registration successful
  • Choose done

Register for Maybank2u through the Maybank2u Website

  • Enter the Maybank2u registration website
  • Select Register Now
  • Enter your registration number / account number / credit card number
  • If the account number is selected then enter the type of currency / validity period if the credit card number is selected
  • Enter your registration PIN / ATM PIN / credit card PIN
  • Enter the captha code on the screen
  • Checklist of terms & conditions box
  • Create a User ID & password
  • Select a phrase image
  • Input phrases for the selected image as desired
  • Choose 3 (three) secret security questions and their answers
  • Select the mobile number that will be used as the TAC
  • Mobile & e-mail numbers must match those registered at the bank
  • Select the account to be linked (Account Link)
  • Select SMS + Banking registration
  • Create a 6 digit SMS + Banking PIN
  • Select the mobile number that will be used for the transaction
  • TAC request
  • TAC input sent to the SMS inbox of the handphone number registered by Maybank2u and SMS + Banking
  • If you already have SMS + Banking or don't have Savings or Giro, then the Maybank SMS + Banking option / Register cannot be selected
  • The mobile number entered must match the data registered with the bank
  • Maybank2u and SMS + Banking registration successful 

Register in Maybank Branch Office

For individual customers who do not have a Maybank ATM card or a Maybank Credit Card, registration is done at the Maybank branch office.

The customer must have one of the Savings, Current Account, Credit Card or Credit Card Accounts (RKK) accounts.

  • User ID and password are very confidential. Don't write or tell anyone
  • Log out every time you use Maybank2u
  • Don't respond if someone asks for your Maybank2u user ID and password like either via email
  • Change passwords regularly
  • Always pay attention to the confirmation screen when making a transaction
  • Record and save the transaction reference number

Thus the article how to register Maybank2u. Hopefully this information can help you.

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