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Buy Internet Digi

How To Buy Internet Digi - Digi is one of the largest telecommunications services in Malaysia. So, how do you buy Digi internet?
How To Buy Digi Internet in 2020?
There are many cellular providers in Malaysia; Celcom, Maxis, U Mobile, and Digi. Of all cellular operators, Digi is one of the best.

Before you buy Digi internet, of course you need to determine what kind of internet package you want to choose. Therefore, the following Digi internet promos that you can buy.

Super Reload ID: RM10 / week, 60 minutes free phone call to Indonesia. Apply to Digi Prepaid LiVE and BEST Digi Prepaid)

Super Raja Video Monthly: RM28 or Rp.97,000. 3GB quota plus unlimited youtube facebook. To subscribe, press * 188 * 1 #. Package valid for 30 days.

Raja Video Monthly: RM15 or Rp.52,000. 2GB quota. High Speed ​​Internet + unlimited youtube. How to actively press * 188 * 3 #. Valid 30 days.

Raja Video Weekly: RM10 or Rp. 35,000. 500MB quota. High Speed ​​Internet + unlimited youtube. Press * 188 * 2 #. Valid for 7 days.

Unlimited Video Lite: RM1 or Rp. 3,500. Without quota. Unlimited YouTube. Press * 116 * 3 * 6 #. Valid 24 hours.

Apart from the above, there are also other Digi package options. You should check directly by visiting the official Digi website.

To be able to activate the Digi internet package, you must top up. Here's how to top up the latest Digi.

Buy Digi Coupons or Vouchers

Find a place to sell Digi coupons or vouchers

Rub the coupon inside which there are 16 pin numbers

Prepare your smartphone

Press * 123 * plus 16 digit pin and fence (#)

Example: * 123 * 1234567890123456 #

Buy Digi Credit Electrically

Look for Digi credit or credit points

Give your telephone number at the point of sale

The seller sends credit according to your order

Digi Credit successfully sent

Buy Digi Credits through the Android Application

Download the iServe Digi Top-up application

Install and follow the top up method

Reload credit desired credit

Serve Digi Top-up payment can be via debit, credit card and online banking FPX

No charge if you use a Debit Card

Buy Digi Credit Through the Digi Website

Enter the Digi Website

Select pay-bill

Enter Digi's phone number

Enter email

Enter the credit amount

Serve Digi Top-up payment can be via debit, credit card and online banking FPX. That's how to buy the Digi internet package update. Hopefully this information can be a valuable reference for you.

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