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Buy Tunetalk Data Plan

Buy Tunetalk Data Plan? - Tune Talk is a mobile virtual network operator that works with Celcom Malaysia. Tunetalk offers a variety of attractive internet packages and call promos.
How to buy Tunetalk data plan?
Many Malaysians use Tunetalk SIM cards. Tune Talk is the largest prepaid MVNO cellular service provider in Malaysia. Tunetalk internet prices are very affordable. Large internet quota.

You can buy Tunetalk internet through a Tune Talk account. But you need to create a Tunetalk account through the official Tunetalk website. Download the application on Android/iPhone. You can also shop for Tunetalk internet packages via SMS.

Buy Internet Tunetalk via SMS

  • 300MB Daily Internet Package, type: 300M send to 2222
  • 2GB Weekly Internet Package, type: 2GW send to 2222
  • 4GB Monthly Internet Package, type: 4G send to 2222
  • 8GB Monthly Internet Package, type: 8G send to 2222
  • Annual Internet Package 120GB, type: 120G send to 2222

You only need to type the keywords according to the internet quota you want and then send an SMS to 2222. You will get a notification that the Tunetalk internet purchase has been successful.

Internet and Telephone Package Promo Tunetalk

Package One: 36GB + 1000mins * @ RM68

  • Top Up a minimum of RM50, subscribe to 8GB and get Booster (RM68)
  • STEP 1: Top up to RM50 (Get 8GB FREE for 15 days)
  • STEP 2: Subscribe to 8GB / month - RM48
  • STEP 3: Top up a min of RM20
  • STEP 4: Subscribe for a Booster of 20GB / month (at RM20)
  • STEP 5: Enjoy 36GB + 1000 minutes
  • * 1000mins: 700mins (to TT) & 300mins (to all networks)

Package Two: 18GB + 500mins * @ RM38

  • Top Up a minimum of RM30, subscribe to 4GB and get Booster (RM38)
  • STEP 1: Top up to RM30 (Get 4GB FREE for 15 days)
  • STEP 2: Subscribe to 4GB / month - RM28
  • STEP 3: Top up a min of RM10
  • STEP 4: Subscribe for a Booster of 10GB / month (at RM10)
  • STEP 5: Enjoy 18GB + 500 minutes
  • * 500mins: 400mins (to TT) & 100mins (to all networks)

In addition to the above packages, Tunetalk also offers special internet packages for Buddies Tune Talk customers. Here are the details:

300MB Daily Package
- Price is RM1
- 300MB for one day

2GB Weekly Package
- Price is RM10
- 2GB for one week

4GB Monthly Package
- Price is RM28
- 4GB with the best internet speed
- 400 minutes of calling Tune Talk to Tune Talk
- 100 minutes of calls to all operators
- FREE 4GB bonus with an additional top up of at least RM30 (valid for 15 days)

8GB Monthly Package
- Price is RM48
- 8GB High Speed ​​Internet
- 700 minutes call Tune Talk to Tune Talk
- 300 minutes to all operators
- FREE 8GB with an additional top up of at least RM50 (Valid for 15 days)

120GB Annual Plan
- Price is RM200
- Maximum usage of 10GB per month for one year

This is the information about how to buy Tunetalk internet. Please note that the above internet packages can change at any time. Therefore, you need to visit Tunetalk's official website directly.

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