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Top Up Tunetalk Prepaid

How to top up Tunetalk prepaid online is simple. Here are six ways to top up the Tunetalk update.
How to reload Tunetalk online 2020?

Top Up on the Tunetalk Website

1. Visit the Tunetalk website. Choose top up.

2. Select the number of Tunetalk top up:
- MYR 5, 5 Days, 8 BIG points
- MYR 10, 10 Days, 20 BIG points
- MYR 15, 20 Days, 30 BIG points
- MYR 20, 20 Days, 40 BIG points
- MYR 30, 30 Days, 70 BIG points
- MYR 50, 50 Days, 120, BIG points (FREE RM50,000 PA Insurance)
- MYR 100, 100 Days, 240 BIG points (FREE RM50,000 PA Insurance)

3. After you have selected the Tunetalk credit top up, you must enter your name, email, and telephone number.

4. Next click confirm. You can choose a payment method via bank transfer. Can be through Maybank or CIMB.

5. After the transfer is successful, your Tunetalk credit will automatically enter your number.

Top Up Tunetalk via the Mobile Application

1. Download Tunetalk application in playstore or appstore. Enter and select top up> Cash Voucher Top Up option.

2. After you get the invoice number, select the order. Go to the 7 nearest Eleven.

3. Tell the cashier you want to top up Tunetalk.

4. Pay using an invoice number that you can order when you order. You can no longer pay if it has been 48 hours or two days since placing an order. If it's like that, you have to order again.

5. After payment at 7 Eleven is successful, credit will enter.

6. Congratulations. You are done top up!

Top Up Tunetalk Via SMS

1. First step, type 7E and text to 2222.

2. You will receive an SMS with an invoice number.

3. Go to the nearest 7-Eleven to make payment using the invoice number. Do not pass 48 hours.

4. After payment at 7 Eleven is successful, Tunetalk credit will immediately go to your number.

5. You're done!

Top Up Through Tunetalk Vouchers

1. Look for Tunetalk voucher sales outlets.

2. After you get the voucher, rub and get 16 voucher numbers.

3. Take your smartphone and dial to 13101.

4. Select option 2, which is Top Up.

5. Select Input Voucher.

6. Enter the 16 digit voucher.

7. You will receive a notification that your Tunetalk topup has been successful.

Top Up Tunetalk Dial Voucher *122*

1. After you buy a Tunetalk voucher, prepare your cellphone and dial to *122* <16 digits PIN> #. Enter 16 digits in the voucher.

2. Your Tunetalk voucher input was successful.

Top Up through the Tunetalk Dealer

1. Look for the nearest Tunetalk outlet or dealer. Tell the dealer that you want to top up Tunetalk.

2. If the clerk gives the top up form, fill in your telephone number. Do not be Wrong.

That's the six ways to top up the Tunetalk update. The top up guide above can change at any time. Therefore, you can check to the official website of Tunetalk.

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