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Buy Maxis Hotlink Prepaid Data

Maxis Hotlink is one of the best telecommunications services in Malaysia. Maxis offers cheap internet, phone and SMS promos to its customers. How to buy maxis hotlink prepaid data?
 How to buy maxis prepaid data
Maxis Hotlink offers cheap internet quota packages. You can enjoy 10GB of internet and bonus calls to all operators with Maxis Hotlink Red.

You will also get unlimited internet for chat, social media with various package purchases below.

2GB Daily Package
Price is RM3
Bonus Without RED RED or unlimited chat, social media and video
You can also use the package above for a week or monthly. Choose according to your needs.

RM1 Music Special Package
With the price of RM1, you can enjoy unlimited music through all the partners who work together for one day.

RM3 Youtube Special Package
With the price of only RM3 you can watch youtube without limits for one full day.

10GB Night Package
For only RM3 you can get 10GB of internet late at night. You can run this package for all applications from 1pm to 7am.

Special Youtube Package and IDD Calls:

RM 6 for 3 days
Enjoy a 3GB internet package plus RM5 IDD credit
Dial to * 10012 # or buy through the RED Hotlink application

RM 10 for 5 days
Enjoy 1GB internet + 1GB Youtube + RM8 Credit IDD
Dial to * 100 * 2 # or buy through the RED Hotlink application

* Valid in the countries of Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, China, Thailand and Vietnam.

Well, please note, the free chat offered is for RED Social. Includes Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Pinterest applications. While for RED Chat, they are WhatsApp, Wechat, LINE, QQ, IMO

You can connect the internet to other computers or other devices. However the speed limit will be limited to 5mbps for the data to be connected.

You can buy all the packages above through the RED Hotlink application. Please download in Playstore or Appstore. That's how to buy maxis hotlink prepaid data. Hope it can be useful for you.

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