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Register for CIMB Clicks

How To register CIMB Clicks - CIMB is the second largest financial services company in Malaysia. CIMB has spread to many countries in the world.
register for CIMB Clicks 2020?
Many Malaysians are CIMB customers. CIMB financial transactions continue to increase. To facilitate transactions, CIMB presents the CIMB Clicks service.

Through CIMB internet banking services, customers can easily send and receive money, shopping, and others.

If you are also a CIMB customer, you are strongly advised to register as a CIMB Clicks user. How to activate CIMB Clicks is very easy. Here are the steps.

How to Register CIMB Clicks?

Register for CIMB Clicks through the Website

Open the CIMB Clicks registration page

Click 'Register here!'

Click 'Continue'

Enter the user ID

Enter the captcha code

Enter 12 or 13 digit account numbers

Enter the 6 digit debit / ATM card PIN number

Select 'I Agree' on the terms and conditions

Register for CIMB Clicks via ATM

Insert the CIMB ATM card

Enter PIN

Select the 'Branchless Banking' menu

Select 'Register'

Select 'CIMB Clicks'

Enter your 6 digit CIMB Clicks password

Enter the cellphone number later

Click 'Continue'

Done and receipt came out

The receipt that comes out will be proof that you have successfully registered. The receipt includes the card number, user ID, and cellphone number. After registering, you will be sent mPIN by CIMB Clicks.

This mPIN is useful for confirming when you make a transaction. Remember, this MPIN must be kept a secret. Do not leak to people, including even those closest to you.

Benefits of CIMB Clicks Lists

Check balances at any time

Perform financial transactions

Pay bills, top up, shop, etc.

Activating CIMB Clicks will facilitate your various financial transactions. With a high-level, global security system, you don't need to worry about using CIMB Clicks.

This is how to register for CIMB Clicks. It can be a useful reference source for you CIMB Clicks customers.

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